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Wulfpack and Friends

Its finally here! Wulfpack label boss Riley Warren is set to destroy the dancefloor alongside Christopher James. Support TBA. This one is going to be an all out dance party so wear your dance kicks!

Riley Warren is a DJ who prides herself in being open to many genres of electronic music. Since beginning her career in San Diego, she has refined her ear by blending several sounds and not relying on any one particular style. In doing this Riley Warren has created her own unique musical technique, one she constantly manipulates and develops. Her style has landed her on the dj booth of some of the most renown clubs in North America and Mexico, and playing alongside some of the worlds most talented djs.

Her love for music and her dedication to being unique in her style is what drives her to be a step ahead of the rest. While perfecting her DJ skills,, Riley also began her career in music production . Her music is seamless and intriguing, influenced by an array of artists she grew up listening to. Most recently, Riley Warren took her career one step further by starting a dance music label called Zero Digital, dedicated to giving up-and-coming artists a platform to release their music to the world, without the restrictions or limitations experienced with large labels. Riley Warren is leading the way for female djs, pushing the envelope of electronic music while also creating new and exciting tracks for not only the club, but those times when you want to just chill out and listen to music. You will find that Riley's musical range is anywhere from techno to ambient, progressive to minimal, but fine tuned into a set that will blow you away.
Riley also currently hosts a show on Frisky Radio every second Tuesday of the month at 4pm PST. The show, called Junk Mail, ranges from techno to ambient, progressive to tech house. Tune in at


Intertwining deep house, tech, progressive & melodic techno, Christopher James focuses on creating sets that are filled with emotion and moments of reflection while maintaining the dancefloors energy and flow. 

Southern California is where Chris was 1st drawn into the scene while listening to DJ’s such as Sasha & Digweed and Nick Warren. Over the next few years Christopher developed a lasting interest in house, techno & progressive and began to develop his sound and identity. Riding the line between uplifting and melancholy his sets often reach the listener on a deeper level. Creating a journey is what its about, and a journey is what your in for.

Christopher has performed all over the USA in cities such as: Denver, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, San Antonio & Austin. Having also performed 8 times at The Ultra Music Festival in Miami as well as Aruba and the island of Curacao for the 1st Paradise World Festival. Now in 2016 Christopher has relocated back to his musical roots in Southern California where he is a part of the Wulfpack crew.